Easy and Kissable Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas to Try

Day Nail Art Ideas

It’s a few days to celebrate Valentine’s day with your lover. Get ready to enjoy the night in a romantic restaurant or chill in front of Netflix. You will be the most beautiful one in your eyes lover with careful preparation and elegant art nail design. Here are simple but elegant design nails you’ll love and wanna try.

Simple pink and red heart

Valentine’s day is right around with pinks and reds, so this playful take on pink-and-red is so romantic. Recreate the look with pink onyx and take a shortcut with red heart stickers. 

Firstly, apply a base coat to protect your nails. Next, top with pink polish and do not forget a heart sticker to accent your nails. Finally, finish this design with a clear coat. 

Queen of Heart

Tiny hearts are accents in the “Queen of Heart” adorable design. This design will suitable with a neutral red, pink or white base coat and choose coloured hearts. Honestly, this design is a traditional art nail design but not boring but also elegant and sexy. You can be creative when customising your nails with any colour heart you want and it’ll go with all your looks.

You can apply two coats with beginning a base coat and neutral polish. Next, paint tiny hearts with your chosen colour. Finish your heart shape and fill it in polish. 

Heart and Kiss

Edgy, a little bit of wild and sexy is what you need for your nails next Valentine’s Day. Here is your design when using the crimson polish with some lines. Nude and red will be totally unique that’ll perfectly with your sexy makeup looks. 

To design this nail look, you should paint your nail with red and nude polish. Firstly, start with a base coat and 2-colour polish. On the red, use a nude polish to paint the hearts and lines and similarly with nude nails. Finally, you just need to apply a clear top coat over all.


It’s so sweeter when creative hearts with more details. This design is not beautiful but also brings more interest to your special Valentine’s Day. Make it your own by creating your nails with more words and details – it’s not limited. 

You can create it by applying a clear base coat. Then, pick out 2 or 3 of your favourite colour of polish. Next, use a thin paintbrush to draw creative hearts with the sweetest detail in the centre and any words in your nails. Finish with a clear top coat to have sexy nail designs. 

Pretty in Red

If you’re not into executive nail designs, simply choose a romantic and effortless nail polish. The best choice for Valentine’s Day is sweet red nails. Also, this design can help your nail for a long time through the holiday. Whatever your skin tone, this design is the most suitable for your Valentine’s Day makeup looks. 

It’s too easy to create it by applying a base coat. Next, top with red polish and finish with a clear coat. 

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At the end of the article, we hope that you have been inspired and found the ideal nail designs for Valentine’s Day. Follow our blog due to we’re got tons more nail art designs and tips for you. 




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