The Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Nails

The Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Owning healthy and beautiful nails helps our girls always be confident without worrying about weak or brittle nail problems. In fact, there are many ways you can take care of your nails at home through natural cosmetics. Or simply stay away from harmful substances and add the necessary substances to the body every day for the best results for your nail set.

Follow our articles to take these tips for maintaining sexy and strong nails without being expensive and time-consuming. 

There are many ways to have beautiful hands. However, how to take care of a strong and strong nails does not necessarily receive much attention from women. We often get questions like how to fix yellow nails? How to take care of your nails at home to keep them healthy and beautiful? What harms should be avoided that can adversely affect your nails? Is there a simple way to grow nails without taking time? In this article, Bellissima will answer your questions about nail care. Also, we will give you some techniques to reduce the dryness of your nails. Please read to the end! At-home nail care has never been simpler

1. Keep your nails clean and dry

Honestly, it’s the most effective but extremely easy to keep your nail dry and clear as much as possible. Many dermatologists advise that you should not expose your nails to too much water because water can soften your nails. To protect your nails, you should use rubber gloves when washing dishes or gardening to limit the time on the water. 

2. Avoid the bad habit in your nails

You should not bite your fingernails and try to remove the habit of biting your nails. Also, you should not remove the cuticle due to it can damage the nail. The tip you can note is that you should moisturise your nail with specific oils to make your nail more healthy and soft. 

3. Soak your nail and feet with warm salt water

Although you should not soak your nail too much in hot water, you should soak it in warm (salt) water to easy to cut. Mix a pint of water with one teaspoon of salt to soak. Note that toenails are a little thick and harder to cut than nails, so you should soak nails for 1-2 minutes and toenails for 5-10 minutes. 

4. A healthy diet is key

Your nails guarantee strong nails when you eat a healthy and vảied diet. Also, you should strengthen your nails by taking biotin every day if you didn’t luck into strong nails by birth. Dr. Kleinsmith says that biotin (vitamin B) can support weak nails and help strengthen and grow your nails. 

5. Taking a rest for your nail is essential

You should not try to keep your nail polish as long as possible. Also, someone tries to have a new coat for their nails when the nail starts to peel off. Your nails will easily to weak and more brittle if the nail polish stays long on your nails. You should remove the nail polish after 5 days and take rest for the next 5 days to refresh your nail. 

Also, avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals and hydration will make your nails be healthier. Your nail will dry fastly if using hand sanitiser daily. The quality of polishes, acrylic nails and nail polish is extremely important and directly affects your nail. Therefore, choose a trustworthy and good quality nail salon to be not only for beautiful and sexy nails but also for strong and healthy nails.

You can consult Bellissima Nail Spa, a full-service nail salon and high-end quality in the Gold River shopping centre. Our priorities are your safety and well-being with personal care and superior service. Come and try Bellissima Nail Spa’s service to have healthy and sexy nails with high-quality products. 

Hopefully, our tips have helped your nails will be more beautiful and stronger. Follow our blog to explore more tips and valuable knowledge for your personal care to make it more beautiful and healthier. 



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