What Is Wax? Learn Some Popular Waxing Methods Nowadays

Waxing is a term that is very interested in cosmetology in recent years. This is a popular beauty method because of its convenience and effectiveness. Especially helping the skin surface in the desired areas become smooth and smooth. So what is waxing and how to do waxing? Do not ignore the useful information below from Bellissima Nails Spa.

Under the influence of many factors, such as genetics, hormones, congenital diseases, corticosteroid use, etc., hairs can grow denser, darker and harder (sometimes in abnormal positions), making the hair removal difficult. Hair removal in unwanted skin becomes a concern of many people, especially women. There are many methods of hair removal, including waxing. Waxing if done in the right order, science and proper skin care, you can do it yourself at home but the effect is still as amazing as going to a spa.

What is Wax? What is Waxing?

Wax is understood as wax, while waxing is a method of hair removal, allowing the removal of hair from the hair follicle (can remove a large amount of hair at once). The waxing method is relatively simple, but to minimize the pain, good technique and quality waxes are required. Wax used for hair removal is usually prepared from natural products (beeswax, sugar, vegetable acid …) so it is less irritating to the skin.

Advantages of waxing

  • Get quick results
  • Can be done at home
  • Cheaper
  • Hair grows back thinner, lighter

Disadvantages of waxing

  • Results are not permanent
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • May cause pain and burning in some cases

Some products used when waxing

Cleo Avocado Hair Removal Lotion/Cream

With two types of lotion and cream, products from Cleo have avocado extract, fast hair removal effect and can be used for many areas of the body.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer’s full body hair removal cream with ingredients from avocado and cocoa essences, fortified with vitamin E, helps to gently remove hair and is suitable for sensitive skin areas on the body.

Veet Silk & Fresh Technology

Veet is a cheap hair removal cream brand with lotus and jasmine extracts that gently penetrates deeply and effectively removes hair.

Eveline Bio Depil 9in1

Eveline Bio Depil is a product with ingredients extracted entirely from healthy ingredients such as mango, avocado, and Monoi de Tahiti flowers. This is considered an effective pubic hair removal cream.

Mamen Shop

With aloe extract, Mamen Shop hair removal cream can be used for the whole body, especially hard-to-remove skin with hard, black hair. The cream has a small fine grain texture and a mild scent.

Notes during waxing

Do not wax too often:

Only wax on average every 4 weeks. In particular, do not perform waxing on the skin with open wounds, acne and stop immediately when the skin shows signs of itching, redness.

Make sure the skin is clean and dry:

The skin must be clean and dry for the wax to stick well on the skin, because just wet, the wax will be difficult to stick. Also, do not forget to gently exfoliate before waxing so that the hairs “reveal” completely.

Soothe the skin after waxing:

When you finish waxing, you should apply a layer of baby oil (baby oil) to remove the remaining wax on the skin, while also soothing the skin, limiting ingrown hairs. .

Do not take a hot bath immediately after waxing:

When waxing is complete, the skin is very weak and vulnerable, so you should only use cool water or warm enough water.

Some popular waxing methods in beauty today

Hot wax

Hot wax is the use of molten wax to wash away hair follicles on the skin, done by evenly applying wax at Bellissima to the skin while the wax is still warm. As the waxes cool, they harden and are pulled away from the skin (opposite of the hair follicle). The waxes used in hot wax are usually soft waxes.

Strip wax

Strip wax is a method of using a commercially available patch to rub firmly on the area to be waxed and vigorously peel off the patch in the opposite direction of hair growth; or use an unheated wax to apply to the skin, then also apply the patch and peel it off. The difference between strip wax and hot wax is that there is no need for a heat source to heat the wax before waxing.

Steps to perform waxing

  • Preparation tools
  • Waxing wax
  • Waxing Paper
  • Waxing stick
  • Baby oil
  • Baby powder
  • Exfoliating products


  1. Clean the area to be waxed and gently exfoliate.
  2. Heat the wax at the appropriate temperature (with pre-purchased waxes, follow the recommended temperature on the package).
  3. Use a stick to take the waxed part and apply it to the area to be waxed in the direction of hair growth (before waxing, you can apply baby powder to make the wax adhere better).
  4. Stick the patch on, gently rub it, let it dry, and then pull it firmly in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  5. Rinse with cold water, pat dry with a cotton towel and then apply a layer of baby oil on the waxed skin.

You should wax each area of ​​skin individually for better results. Note that the pulling movement must be quick and decisive, in the opposite direction of the hair growth and diagonally with the skin surface.

Above are the steps to perform hot waxing. As for the steps to perform cold waxing, it is the same, except that there is no need to heat the wax at high temperature.

Some super economical hair waxing recipes that are effective at home without going to the spa

Wax with honey + sugar

You need to prepare 60ml of pure honey, 200gr of white granulated sugar and 1 fresh lemon. Mix the ingredients well in a large glass bowl, then pour into a pot to heat over low heat. Pay attention to stir well until the mixture boils slightly and has a consistency. Let the mixture cool down and then apply it on the cleansed skin. Press the paper over that area of ​​skin and press firmly. Wait until it dries, then pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. Finally, rinse the area and apply baby oil.

Wax by sugar

This waxing method is similar to using sugar + honey, except that it is replaced with melted beeswax, then plastered on the area of ​​​​the skin to be removed, then also directly and in the opposite direction the hair grows out of the hair follicle.

In general, wax is a safe, easy, low-cost hair removal method that women can apply themselves at home to get smooth and smooth skin. In addition to conventional waxing methods, you must have heard of permanent hair removal treatments at spas and beauty salons. Let’s look forward to the next article on this fascinating topic on Bellissima Nails Spa.



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