What you need to know before your first bikini waxing

As you know or not: waxing in bikini may not fun and easy experience. However, most people have chosen waxing due to its longer-lasting method than removing it by shaving. Instead of a few days, your public hair will be removed for two or four weeks. 

However, you need to be aware of what exactly will go on if waxing in a bikini and ensure you will get the best results. Thus, here are some things you need to know to prepare for your first waxing in a bikini.

Avoid shaving

Many women had the big mistake of shaving their public hair before their first bikini wax. However, you can not pick up your hair if they are too short. Thus, it would help to let the hair grow out and be at least 1,5 – 2 centimetres long for waxing. Also, avoid shaving your hair in a bikini between waxes for easier smoothy waxing and have the best results. 

Avoid waxing the period.

Your skin tends to be extremely sensitive during this time of the month. Thus, do not schedule and wax around your period. You should not schedule three days before and after your period due to the effect on your bikini skin.

Plan to take care of your bikini skin after waxing

Honestly, your bikini skin will look red, bumpy and swollen. Do not worry; it’s normal and should not worry about that. Thus, you should take care of your skin. First, after 48 hours, you should avoid the sun, spray tans, and exfoliate. Also, avoid having sex and hit the beach that day because of the increased risk of infection. So, you should apply hydrocortisone cream on bikini skin to soothe post-waxing irritation. It helps quells itchiness, calms inflammation and reduces redness. 

Prepare your outfits after waxing carefully

You should avoid tight-fitting clothing such as a tight pair of leggings or jeans. Because your skin will be red and irritated post-waxing. However, do not worry due to the redness will go away overnight. Thus, you should wear loose clothing and avoid any sweat getting trapped in your skin. 

Consider some pain relievers to reduce the hurt

It would help if you considered bringing some ibuprofen whether or not you have a high pain tolerance. Some over-the-counter pain delivers will help you reduce soreness and shock for the first wax. We recommend that you should take medicine before your waxing for 30 minutes. 

Finally, the most important thing is it will hurt. Luckily, the worst time will be the first time waxing. Thus, choosing the quality and good waxing sale is really important to get a better feeling and the best result. The level of staff and quality of beeswax is two items you need to consider. You can consult Bellissima Nail Spa, with high-end quality service in the Gold River shopping centre. Our priorities are your safety and well-being with personal care and superior service. Come and try Bellissima Nail Spa’s service to have the best and most beautiful skin for your body. 

At the end of the article, we hope that you have been knowing more about bikini waxing knowledge. Follow our blog due to we’ve got tons of knowledge and tips for your beautiful. 



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